Celebrate your life’s hard work with a plan built for longevity.

Retirees & Pre-Retirees

Do you know how much income you need your assets to generate once you retire? Have you identified the sources of your future income? Do you know how much money you can withdraw from your portfolio to live comfortably and smartly? If you own a business, have you determined what your exit strategy is? These are some of the questions we ask our clients each day because we understand how important the answers are to our process of building a prosperous retirement plan.

As life expectancy increases, it is possible that you will spend 30 years without a paycheck during your retirement. Today, many traditional retirement plan components are outdated and your responsibility to provide your own finances during retirement has created the need for careful planning, disciplined investing, and professional guidance. We believe that each of these components are essential to living a successful retirement.

Once you retire, our planning doesn’t end. Maintaining your standard of living is vital for you and important to us as well. Our team monitors your plan, striving to preserve your wealth while providing sustainable income, always considering the delicate balance between market risk, taxes and inflation. In addition, we will help you manage your required minimum distributions and other income payments in a tax efficient manner. We review your Social Security, Medicare, long-term care insurance, and life insurance. Plus, we will collaborate with your legal counsel on any estate planning needs you may have. You have worked hard to accumulate your assets – it’s our job to help you enjoy your well-deserved retirement.